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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a sworn by experts to be a great utility tool to crunch data and perform some complex financial functions. The 2013 version capitalizes exactly on these features that Excel is known for and has been built in a way in which it appears simpler and more functional by breaking down complicated functions into elemental steps.

What are the learning Objectives of Excel 2013 Course?

The learning objectives of the Excel 2013 course are as follows,

  • To study various finance functions in excel and its application
  • Learn Future Value, SI, CI, PV, NPER, RATE
  • Learn how to calculate the value of an investment with multiple cash flows
  • Calculating Rate of Return
  • Understand the usage of formulas in excel such as NPV, XNPV, XIRR
  • Analyzing loans and payments
  • Learn Valuation of Bond

Excel Finance Functions Syllabus


Start Screen

With Excel’s new Start Screen, work gets done a lot faster. The most recently used worksheets are displayed on the left edge and can be pinned to the ‘Recent’ list for easy accessibility. The option is there to access files from drive or cloud through opening the ‘Other Workbooks’ option.

Backstage View

Introduced in Office 2010, the Backstage View can be accessed from the File menu. A combination of the Open and Recent tabs from Excel 2010, the Open tab in Excel 2013 gives one access to recently used workbooks.

Flash Fill

The Flash Fill tool is one of the greatest improvements of Excel 2013. Its predictive data entry can detect patterns and extract and enter data that follows a recognizable pattern. It has been designed to solve some commonly faced problems in an effective manner.

Recommended Charts

Recommended Charts shows only a subset of chart types that are pertinent to the data that has been selected. Inexperienced users can benefit from this as it helps to create charts which explain data and does not confuse the user.

Chart Tools

Chart Tools tab displayed three additional tabs: Design, Layout, and Format when a chart was selected in an earlier version of the chart tool.

Quick Analysis

The new Quick Analysis tool can help both new and experienced users find options for working with selected data. In order to use it, the data that is to be analyzed is to be selected. The Quick Analysis icon appears in the bottom-right corner of the selected data.

Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are a powerful tool for analyzing data. Recommended PivotTables helps new users of Excel to create Pivot Tables.

Power View

Available as an add-in in the previous versions, the Power View is integrated into Excel 2013. Generally, the Power View tool is to analyze a large set of data from external data sources, making it appropriate for businesses.


To enable working real time within a group scenario, the SkyDrive has been incorporated into Excel. In Excel 2013 you can share and work collaboratively on files with others via SkyDrive with the help of the Excel WebApp.