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Algorithmic Trading Module Overview

Algorithmic Trading is where thoughts are transformed into mathematical models and after that coded into computer programs for efficient trading. It is a capacity where finance, trading, maths and computer sciences are consolidated. The computer calculations are planned in view of expressions of the human experience execution of the system back-tried against chronicled data



Why should one take this course?

  • To improve the knowledge in Algorithmic Trading.
  • To learn about different trading strategies.
  • To Learn Risk Management in Algorithmic Trading.
  • To learn about Algorithmic Trading and its Audit and Compliance Process.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Analysts
  • Dealers
  • Traders
  • Consultants
  • Investors
  • Students
  • Anybody having interest in the Stock market operations

Algorithmic Trading Module Syllabus


1. Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

Evolution of Algorithmic Trading
What is Algorithmic Trading?
Different Trading Methodologies
Trends in Algorithmic Trading: Global and India
Benefits of Algorithmic Trading

2. Order Types

Different Order Types
Execution Trading Strategies

3. Trading Strategies

Calendar Spread
Cash Future Arbitrage Strategy
Index Arbitrage
Pair Trading
News Based Trading Strategies
Conversion- Reversal

4. Algorithmic Trading: System Architecture

Market Data
CEP Engine
Order Routing / Order Manager
Smart Order Routing (SOR)
Connectivity Options

5. Risk management in Algorithmic Trading

Different Stages involved in Risk Management
Risk Management Specific to High Frequency & Algorithmic Trading

6. Audit and Compliance process

International Organization of Securities Commissions
Auditing Process and Requirements (As defined by NSE for member-broker)
SEBI Recommendations on Algorithmic Trading
Software Testing and Empanelment
Exchange Audits
Technology and System Audit
Compliance Requirements