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Why should one take this course?

  • To understand the rationale for a depository.
  • To know about the services provided by a depository.
  • To understand the processes involved in a depository’s functioning.
  • To understand the NSDL application software.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Staff of the Depository Participants
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Bank Employees
  • Investors
  • Candidates seeking to make a career in depository operations
  • Anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the depository participants operations.

NSDL -Depository Operations Syllabus


Overview of the Capital Market

Overview of relevant law s and regulations; the primary and the secondary market and the capital market intermediaries

Overview of NSDL

Organizational structure of NSDL, Features of the depository system, Legal framework; Bye-Law & business rules of NSDL, NSDL system & connectivity

Business Partners of N SDL

The different business partners of N SDL, Joining procedure/ steps, services; Records and reconciliation, rights & obligations; NSDL application software, the hardware requirements of business partners, the service standards, Benefits & safety

Services Offered by Depository

Account opening of beneficiaries; Clearing members and intermediaries; Transmission & nomination; Dematerialisation and rematerialization; Trading & settlement; Off-market transfers; Pay-in and pay-out procedures; Settlement of trades and precautions; Internet initiatives by NSDL.

Special Services

Pledging/ Hypothecation; Securities Lending & Borrowing; Corporate actions; Public issues; Debt instruments and G-Securities; NSC/ KVP in Dem at form; MAP IN and TIN