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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to interpret news
  • Understand the central banks
  • Interpret central bank actions
  • Perform Fundamental Analysis
  • Use fundamental analysis in their trading


Advanced Forex Trading Syllabus


Types of Charts

  • Trading Candlesticks?
  • Higher Probability Candlestick Entries
  • Long Wicks can provide valuable clues
  • Heiken Ashi

Support and Resistance

  • How to Build a Strategy, Part 3: Support and Resistance
  • The Forces of Supply and Demand
    • Timing Trades with Fib Retracements
  • Pivot Points
    • Floor Trader Pivots
    • Camarilla Pivots
  • Psychological Whole Numbers As Support & Resistance
  • Price Action confirmation of Support and Resistance
  • Using Support and Resistance to Trade Supply and Demand

An introduction to Patterns

  • Trading the Doji
    • Five Different Types of Dojis
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Bullish Hammer/Hanging Man
  • Shooting stars
  • Morning Star/Evening Star
  • Triangle
    • Trading Price Action Triangles
    • Mastering Trading Triangles
  • 4 Steps to Trade the Diagonal
  • Double Top – Double Bottom
  • How to Trade Bullish Flags
  • How to Trade Bearish Flags
  • Engulfing Patterns
  • Trading Haramis

Introduction to Price Action & Trendlines

  • How to Trade Trendlines
    • Here is How to Validate and Trade a Channel
    • Using Trendlines to enter trades
    • Trendline Support & Resistance
  • Price Action Pin Bars
    • How to Trade Fake Pin Bars
  • Price Action Swings
    • Fractals – An assistant for locating swings
  • Don’t Miss this Tip that a Currency Pair may be reversing
  • Here is How to Tell When a Currency Pair is Changing it’s Trend

Trader Psychology

  • How to Manage Losing Trades
  • Trader Psychology: Trade Tomorrow
  • Trader Psychology: The Fear of Missing Something
  • Top Ten Trading Psychology Myths
  • Trader Psychology: The Missing Trade
  • The Most Important Psychological Skills for Traders
  • How to Manage the Emotions of Trading
  • Master the Concept of Greed-Free Trading
  • Controlling Emotions When Trading Forex